"Life is a struggle, and a struggle is a real life" - in memory Olena Teliha.


On February 20 in the office of the National Historic-Memorial Reserve "Babyn Yar", is opened a photo-documentary exhibition "Life is a struggle, and a struggle is a real life" which is dedicated to Olena Teliha. We used to think that BabynYar in Kiev is the place of the tragedy of the Jewish people, and few people remember that it witnessed of the last moments of life more than a thousand Ukrainian patriots. Among those who were shot in Babyn Yar by Nazis, who died with a prayer for Ukraine was Olena Teliha, which is now called the "most significant woman in Ukrainian literature of the twentieth century." German invaders destroyed the great Ukrainian poet physically, Bolsheviks - spiritually, for fifty years concealed the Teliha's free words. Now the street, which was her last way, the street that runs near the sinister Babyn Yar, is named after her . In the late 30's Olena lived in Krakow and participated in the preparation marching groups of OUN to go to Ukraine. On October 22, 1941, Teliha was already in Kiev, and she was the head of the Union of Ukrainian writers, established in November 1941. Then she began to publish the magazine "Litavry", which published Malanyuk's and Stefanovych's poetry, Samchuk's and Shtul's articles, as well her own works. In early February 1942, it was begun mass arrests of Ukrainian activists. Olzhych ordered OUN members to leave Kyiv. Olena said: "There is a higher order of things! There must be someone who consciously looks in the death's eye and does not retreat." Heartrending love of life and the reckless contempt for death organically united in this woman. February 9, 1942, she was arrested. Her husband Michael was not on the list of those who were wanted, but he called himself a writer and stood next to his beloved. One of the executioners of the poetess, impressed by the courage of Olena Teliga, said: "I have never seen a man that died so heroically as this beautiful woman."