Meeting with student youth. (to the 76th anniversary of the tragedy in Babyn Yar)


Meeting with student youth

(to the 76th anniversary of the tragedy in Babyn Yar)

76 years ago, during the Second World War, a terrible tragedy occurred in the occupied by German invaders Kyiv. On September 29, 1941, in the Babyn Yar tract, located in the northwestern part of Kiev, the Nazi occupants began mass shootings of people. During the occupation, the Nazis murdered Jews, Ukrainians, Roma, Russians - mostly elderly people, women and children. Thousands of Soviet prisoners of war, underground, partisans, activists of the OUN have also were shot dead or slaughtered and buried in Babyn Yar. Babyn Yar had become a huge mass grave for more than 100 thousand executed people. On October 4, 2017, the Mykola Roerich Library in the Solomyansky district of Kyiv invited students of the Kyiv Higher Professional School of Sewing and Hairdressing to remind the events of that time and familiarize them with the exhibition of library's books of the relevant themes. Deputy Director General of the National Historic-Memorial Reserve "Babyn Yar" Andriy Tkachuk and senior researcher Volodymyr Kornelyuk met with the student youth and told them about the tragic events of 76 years ago and also introduced the participants with the activities of the Preserve. The story made a great impression on the youth audience and gave impetus to reflect on the scale of the Babyn Yar tragedy. The memory of the victims of this terrible crime must not go away during the ages.